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In this game you can combat your enemy in multiple ways:

  • Bowfire: shooting arrows at your Enemies; especially in the beginning of the game you will not have many other options. But if you choose you can keep using this mid-game or even end-game as many players do. Bows and arrows are craftable.
  • Gunfire: shooting bullets at your enemy; if you choose you can use your guns (see weapons) you find/craft along with the (right) bullets to combat your enemies. Guns are craftable but ammo is not.
  • Melee: from the beginning of the game you will have a knife available. This can be used as melee attack during a fight or to one-hit-kill from stealth. Un-craftable but unbreakable as well. You can also grab an enemy (see grabbing).


Action How to use
Select bow/gun Hold 1
Take aim Hold right-mouseclick
shoot (bow) Hold and release left-mouseclick (while aiming)
shoot (gun) Left-mouseclick (while aiming)
Reload (gun) R
Knife Left-mouseclick
Roll/dodge Spacebar

Don't forget to use roll/dodge to cover a decent distance on a short time. You can use this in attack or in defense. Keep in mind it uses stamina.

As you can carry multiple weapons you don't have to make a choice between playing with a bow or with a gun: you can carry them both and just switch in the middle of the battle (or before or after...).

When playing with guns don't forget to load them before you try to shoot them: default all your guns will be unloaded.

Because you need ammo for guns and this cannot be crafted you will find it hard to use much gunfire in the beginning of the game. However later in the game it becomes more practical to use guns but ammo is still considered uncommon or even rare. And you will notice that the reloading of a weapon takes more time than taking another arrow. Also the range and damage, depending on your bow and weapon can be very different. So compare and choose wisely!